Car Vacuums & Car Care Products

Best Value Car Vacuums

Our car vacuum cleaners are serviced daily to make sure they are always running at peak performance. For only 50 cents these extended timed vacuums are the best value in the industry.

car vacuum bays car vacuum bays

Clean and spacious vacuuming area

The goal at THE CAR WASH is customer convenience so our car vacuums have their own spacious vacuum cleaning area where you will never have to rub elbows or car doors with your fellow customer.

Car care products available

car care cleaning products car care products
Our convenient vending machines have a large assortment of top quality car cleaning products. Supplies include window wipes, ArmorAll products and scented trees, just to name a few.

Get change for the vacuums
Get change for the vacuums

Plenty of Change

No worries about coins, our  vacuum area also has an easily accessible change machine.

Come on in to one of our two Cleveland car washes.